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NACTM Soccer Camps

The North America Caribbean Training Method (NACTM) Soccer Camps is a player development focused summer and winter camp program for ages 5 to 18 held throughout the United States. Our curriculum focuses on three different playing levels that makes our program suitable for Recreation, Intermediate, and Advanced players. What makes us different is that our camps are taught by experienced coaches with an average of 25 years of coaching and ALL are certified. What else makes us different you ask? Well every year (in a non-Covid year of course) we invite coaches from various parts of the world to coach at our camps. This knowledge translates to the players who learn the NACTM Soccer Camp methodology of training which is fast pace, high-tempo, and fun! Our goal is for when a camper leaves us after a week, that they are able to take EVERYTHING that they have learned back to their teams to make them better. So if you are looking for a camp instructed my experienced licensed coaches (not high school soccer players), who also take courses on our curriculum and work year around at our soccer school to help your child to drastically improve their technical skills, knowledge of the game, and passion, then we are your #1 option.

NACTM Soccer Camps Guiding Principles:

  • Players First
  • Integrity
  • Character
  • Experienced
  • Best in class coaches

What we are NOT:

  • We are not focused on quantity. Many camps have an unlimited number of campers, but not us. We focus on quality and limit our camp sizes to 60 players for the day camps and 40 players for the evening camps. The reason is because we enjoy a 10:1 ratio and all of our coaches are of the highest standard. We do not want to water down our camps by hiring coaches who are not experienced in player development. We want all of our campers to improve on at least one aspect of their game before leaving our camp at week's end.
  • We are not baby-sitters. We attract to ALL playing levels, but whether your child is 5 or 18, we want them to want to be here. We ask that prior to enrolling that your son or daughter, that they have some level of soccer playing experience whether it is at home with their parents, siblings, or on a team. If your child has never kicked a soccer ball before, then we have a 1 hour class everyday of the camp prior to the start of our day camp. We'd highly recommend this class, but to get your kids acclimated with the sport. Then in the future, they could join one of our camps. 6-7 hours of a day camp can be very taxing on a child that doesn't know or enjoy playing soccer, but we want to help them too!
  • We do not make empty promises. We have established relationships with academies around the world to help your child (age eligible) to fulfill learning the international game at one of our academy partners. At the end of every camp, we will provide player evaluations, and if we believe that your child is good enough to join an academy in Europe or South America, then upon request, we will write a recommendation to our Academy partners. If you the parent believes that your child is good enough, but we doesn't believe that he or she is ready, then we will let you know the truth and what he or she needs to work to reach the level of joining an international academy.

What we ARE:

We pride ourselves on our age-specific camp programs and ability to help each student to improve on at least one aspect of their game. We know that our one week camps or 10-12 week soccer school will not turn your child into the next Lionel Messi or Carli Lloyd, so we will not make those promises. However, what we will do is to work off of your child's player evaluation provided by their coaches to help them to improve their psychological, physical, psycho-social, technical, or tactical skills based on our methodology that may be lacking in their game. Our soccer school and camps have a 10:1 player to coach ratio to allow specialized attention to help your child to continue their development.

Prior to joining our program, we ask that your child has prior soccer experience and below is the breakdown. Our methodology caters to improving competive level players.

5-8 year olds: The Love and Passion for the Game Stage

*Must have at least 2 years of soccer playing experience.

The NACTM Soccer Camps 5-8 year old curriculum focuses on teaching our students how to develop a love for the game in a fun and exciting environment. Our curriculum consists of students spending 90% of their practice sessions with the ball and minimal instruction. Don't expect long lines and for our coaches to stop the players every second to instruct them on every detail. Between these ages, kids want to play, compete, and develop a love for the game.

9-12 year olds: The Increased Player Development Stage

*Must have at least 4 years of soccer playing experience.

The NACTM Soccer Camps 9-12 year old curriculum focuses on ball mastery and technical skill development. Students will spend 80% of their camp/school time with the ball to advance their skills. Time is spent juggling the ball (on the run), mastering three dribble moves, improving ball control, and understanding how to move off the ball and to defend. We introduce the 5 pillars here with psycho-social, psychological, and technical being the main 3 pillar focuses.

13-15 year olds: The Turning Point Stage

*Must have at least 6 years of soccer playing experience.

As our student-athletes continue to progress not only in age, but in the understanding of our training methodology, we begin to prepare them to learn how to play a 90 minute game. This is a very important stage because as a player if you are still competing at a high level, then soccer will be the sport that takes you to college and even professional. At this age, players are only playing 70 minute games, the extra 20 minutes of a game is where a team wins or loses. So why wait until U-17 or U-18 to play 90 minutes? Players must learn to play a 90 minute game now. Emphasis is placed on tactics and learning player positions. We are now past the phase where coaches place players in various positions, so at this stage, we guide players on the path to mastering their positions.

16-18 year olds: The Final Stage

*Must have at least 8 years of soccer playing experience.

This is it! All of the hard work that you have put in at practices with your club teams, and in games over the last 8+ years of playing travel soccer, has now taken you to the final stage of your development. In the Final Stage, we focus on preparing you for college soccer and for those who are highly gifted student-athletes, professional soccer. If you have been with us over the years, then by now you would have mastered the fundamentals of our methodology to transition into the next phase of your soccer career. However, now is not the time to let up! It becomes even more challenging and competitive If you are off to college, be that Freshman who takes the Senior's starting position, its ok, you are better. If you are heading off to Europe or South America to pursue a professional playing career, then take everything that you have learned from our methodology, and go sign your first professional contract. In the Final Stage, we continue to develop, but greater emphasis is placed on preparation for the next level. Its competitive out there! Win.  

More about us:

NACTM Soccer Camps is the BEST player development centric program focused on working with players of ALL playing levels. We emphasize a skillful, creative, and attacking brand of soccer that promotes positive values such as respect, effort, ambition, and teamwork.

We also offer an opportunity for players born of Caribbean descent to attend Identification Camps and to be evaluated by youth national team coaches. The focus of this program is to nurture young players through football/soccer. The aim of the program is to combine all styles of play for national teams with an aim to identify player values who learn to play the style of the national team.

This educational program was developed by combining training and competition, based on NACTM curriculum. This is a methodology that aims to develop creative players who represent NACTM values (humility, effort, ambition and teamwork), and are capable of organizing themselves as a group to play an attractive style characterized through possession.

At the NACTM Soccer Academy, players have fun playing with the ball and practicing new moves within a specific context of the game. We encourage players to find solutions to these situations by using skill and working in coordination with their teammates. Subsequently, being able to act efficiently when playing competitive football the NACTM way. Players are guided by NACTM coaches who encourage and support them to make decisions with the ball to ensure that the players are always at the heart of their own learning process.

The NACTM is a unique program designed for sharing with the world. We have developed camps in over ten locations in North America.

The Best of the Caribbean

The Caribbean football style of play is free flowing, rhythmic, and emulates Brazil’s samba. Below is a list of players who have developed a style of play and have excelled at the highest levels internationally.

Dwight Yorke

Former Manchester United Forward

Former Trinidad & Tobago National Team Player

Shaka Hislop

Former West Ham United Goalkeeper (England)

Former Trinidad & Tobago National Team Goalkeeper

Kenya Cordner

IL Sandviken (Norway)

Trinidad & Tobago National Team Player

Khadija “Bunny” Shaw

Girondins de Bordeaux  (France)

Jamaica National Team Player

John Barnes

Former Liverpool FC Player (England)

Former Jamaica National Team Player

Clyde Best

Former West Ham United Player (England)

Former Bermuda National Team Player

Ricardo “bibi” Gardner

Former Bolton Wanderer Player (England)

Former Jamaica National Team Player 

Stern John

Former Crystal Palace (England)

Former Trinidad & Tobago National Team Player