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How does your online evaluation work?

How does your online evaluation work?

Our online evaluations are free of charge. The objective of our camps isn’t to nickel and dime the parent, but to help the player to improve. Prior to the start of the school or camp, we evaluate each of our student’s club evaluation forms to see what their coach’s recommend they improve. Based on the […]

How are the teams and the coaches decided?

Teams are organized by ages (5-7 year olds, 8-10 year olds, 11-13 year olds, 14-15 year olds, 16-18 year olds). NACTM’s plan is to improve technical, tactical, psychosocial, and physical abilities to enhance team performance. During the camp, we try to make the teams as competitive as possible. Every team will have its own head […]

What attire does my child need and can I order additional gear?

Each camper must wear shin guards (compulsory) and cleats. The camp registration includes a training kit (jersey, shorts, and socks) and in some cases a ball for day campers only. Water and refreshments will be supplied. All gear must be properly labelled with the player’s name to avoid any losses. Campers can order additional gear […]

What is included in an NACTM program?

We offer two options. The first option is during your spring and fall seasons. We offer a 10-12 week soccer school to complement your club. At the school we help you to improve on the various aspects of your game based on your coach’s evaluation. The second option is a summer camp. The half-day and […]