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NACTM launches program to Promote Caribbean coaches in North America

February 27, 2020

The North American Caribbean Training Method (NACTM) recently launched a program to promote Caribbean coaches based in North America. The reason for the program is to unite the best of the best, and to provide a platform for Caribbean coaches based in North America to work together and to provide high level training for youth soccer players.

The goal of the program is to showcase the talent that Caribbean coaches have in developing the technical component of youth players. Coaches will teach players the art of the dribble, combination play, defensive structure, how to improve wide play down the flanks, and much more.

Prior to helping to establish the program, NACTM Director Justin Reid who also works with the newly formed Trinidad & Tobago Football Association North America program, felt that in order for Caribbean coaches to gain recognition and to showcase their abilities in North America that they had to unite. “We have so many talented coaches around the continent, but we are all doing things individually and we never get the opportunity to learn from one another. This program solves that problem and enables us to unite under one banner similar to the way that Spanish, Brazilian, and English coaches have done for over 30 years.”

“Lincoln Phillips was probably one of the first coaches to unite Caribbean coaches with his residential camps that I attended as a youth in the 1990s, unfortunately, those camps didn’t sustain because so many coaches ventured off to do their own programs after they left Lincoln’s camps. With the NATCM program, we are looking for coaches who are already established and who will bring a wide array of knowledge to players at the camps.” The first of the NACTM camps will kickoff in Orlando, where USSF “A” License coach Ashton Baptiste from Trinidad & Tobago, who works with Orlando City Soccer Club will be the host. The camp is scheduled for June 19-21, 2020 and readers can register by clicking here.