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NACTM partners with Patuxent Football Academy to host Residential Camp

March 23, 2020

The North America Caribbean Training Method has partnered with Patuxent Football Academy to host a residential camp in Huntingtown, MD at the Calverton School, a private school located in rural Southern Maryland.

PFA, a revamped soccer club, was first founded by current Technical Director Myron Garnes in 2012. After converting from Calvert Soccer Elite, the club grew to 24 teams, but a setback forced it to shutdown and now it hopes to recover through partnerships to re-build the club’s following. Garnes said, “The NACTM will be an intrumental part of our strategic plan to build the club and offer a methodology and style of play that will be the blueprint for our current and future teams. We are excited for the re-launch of PFA here in 2020, and our residential camp is a great first step for us to regain traction as a club.”

Garnes, United States Soccer Federation “A” License coach, also recently published a book called Technical Skills for Life: Understanding the 5 Lanes of Play, an ode to his 40 plus year history of coaching at all levels from youth to profressional, launched the book as a way to bring all of his player development knowledge together. NACTM Executive Director Justin Reid explains, “This is our first residential camp partnership and we look forward to not only working with PFA, but to contributing in helping the club to build back its following. Since residential camps are still very scarce around the country aside from university programs hosting them, it is a great way for players to play, grow, and develop with youth from other clubs.”

The NACTM/PFA Residential Soccer Camp is scheduled for July 26-30, 2020 and you can learn more about it by clicking here.