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NACTM planning to aggressively expand camp locations across the country in the next 3 years

Camp held in the Washington, D.C. region on Black Friday.

The North America Caribbean Training Method sees a huge opportunity and need to aggressively expand its camp programs in the next three years. According to NACTM Director of Camps Justin Reid, “the old adage of slow and steady doesn’t really apply in the camp and clinic business especially when there is such a demand for different types of soccer camps.” Reid, who has run over 2,000 camps and clinics in the past 14 years in the Washington, D.C. area as Director of QuickFeet Soccer for Kids, a 2-7 year old program, believes that the NACTM has a golden opportunity to spread its method across the country during the summer camp season. “The NACTM philosophy is like none other. It combines skill, various combinations of play, a style of play, and the need to teach players how to play a full 90 minute game even at the age of 10 years old. This combination is unheard of in most camps as once a camper reaches 10, we attract to the serious player who has made soccer their #1 sport of choice.” 

Reid didn’t want to comment on which locations the NACTM will be looking to expand to in the next three years, but he did mention that all of the locations “have potential partners in place and a need for player development. Outside of the summer camp season, I spend alot of time travelling the country and watching games, and it is evident that there is a huge drop off in the level of play between an elite level and a travel player. There are far more players who are considered travel level since they leave their neighborhoods to play against competition from other areas, but these players aren’t necessarily where they need to be skillswise to be considered a competitive or elite level player. Their understanding of the game isn’t there, and we figure that if we can help them to raise their level of play then they will be considered by the elite programs in their region.”

The NACTM has mapped out their target markets and once an agreement is in place with the partner in the market then they will announce it.