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NACTM set to meet with Caribbean Football Union to grow programming

NACTM Director Justin Reid will travel to Barbados to meet with Caribbean Football Union President Randolph Harris to discuss partnering with the Union to develop the program. The CFU, founded in 1978 is comprised of 25 nations based in the Caribbean who work together to develop programs and host tournaments. The CFU currently operates U-14, U-17, U-20, and U-23 tournaments in addition to the Challenge Series, CFU Club Championship, and Caribbean Cup.  

The mission of the meeting is to learn more about how the NACTM can be of benefit to help the CFU grow its current programming. With focus on development and the methodology, the NACTM will be able to offer the CFU members support in its technical programming. NACTM Director Justin Reid, “The Caribbean needs a lot of help in its programming and with the support of the CFU, we will be able to enter the market with a partner who also wants to see the standard of play improve. Our method is based upon the Caribbean, but modified with the structure of North America which means camps, style of play documents, training analysis, and other components to help raise the level.” The meeting is scheduled for March 31st when Reid will be traveling to Barbados to attend a College Soccer Showcase to benefit high aged boys players between the ages of 15-19.