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NACTM Soccer Academy to re-brand as NACTM Soccer Camps

Washington, DC. – May 12, 2021– The North America Caribbean Training Method is set to re-brand as the NACTM Soccer Camps. Launched in January 2020, the NACTM aims to bring high level soccer training to ALL playing levels: Recreation, Intermediate, and Advanced to contribute to player development across the country.

The reason for the re-brand is because the NACTM had been consistently confused with being a club. This re-brand now helps the program to focus solely on offering a variety of camps for ALL playing levels ranging from half day camps for Recreation players, to day camps for Intermediate level players, to ID Camps for Advanced level players.

According to NACTM Soccer Camps Director Justin Reid, “We want our prospective customers/clients to know exactly what we offer based on our name. North America Caribbean Training Method was too long of a title, and the novice soccer parent would have no idea what we were offering just based on the name. We’d have to give an explanation each time, which is time consuming and could be resolved by changing our title to NACTM Soccer Camps on all marketing materials.” According to Reid, the re-brand will also affect the url as the name “Academy” will be dissolved, as well as the logo as soccer camps will be added beneath the current logo.

The name NACTM Soccer Camps has already begun to take shape online in the content sections of all of the pages. The full effect will take place overtime as the name will be changed on its social media outlets as well as marketing packages by May 31st.

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