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NACTM to donate a portion of camp proceeds to St. Kitts and Nevis Foundation

The NACTM is proud to announce that it will be donating a portion of the camp proceeds in each city to an association that supports the culture or the Caribbean. This summer, the NACTM will be in 9 cities across the country where the Caribbean diaspora is strong. The program’s directors and coaches all come from a Caribbean background and they believe that the region must be united inorder to support one another.

“The Caribbean is a region that is very important to us. Every member of the NACTM came here to the U.S. in some capacity or the other from the Caribbean whether it is of parentage like myself, or directly from the islands like many of our coaches,” said Director Justin Reid.

The Caribbean has a rich tradition in the culture of music, arts, football, and much more. The diaspora is spread throughout the United States and Canada and it is important that it unites not just during Carnival. The NACTM will select 9 charities, one in each city to donate a portion of the camp proceeds. “Giving back is essential to build the diaspora, we will be sure to spread the proceeds across associations of as many islands as we can, ” said Reid.

Winter and spring camps will begin in the Washington, DC/Baltimore regions, home of the NACTM in February. Summer camps will begin in Orlando on June 21st and end in Baltimore on August 13th.