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NACTM to expand program to the Central region of the US

April 1, 2020

The North America Caribbean Training Method will be expanding its camp locations to territories in the middle of the United States. The expansion locations include Kansas City, MO, Birmingham, AL, and Baton Rouge, LA.

NACTM’s goal is to grow its camps to 40 locations in the United States by 2023, and the Academy is nearly one third of the way there. The purpose for the expansion is to provide a bigger reach for player development and provide the youth with opportunities to work with national youth coaches and clubs from the Caribbean.

“It is apart of our business model to expand to various parts of the United States and Canada while providing more opportunities to continue to connect high level national team coaches with youth soccer clubs across North America. We felt that the middle of the country has the demand for higher level training, but that the players needs are not currently being met which is why we felt the need to find partner clubs in the middle of the country,” said NACTM Executive Director Justin Reid.

Reid didn’t reveal the clubs that the NACTM has agreed to partner with in Kansas City, Baton Rouge, and Birmingham, but the program continues its plan to work with developing clubs in underrdeveloped soccer regions whose players are hungry to improve.