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NACTM to offer programming to Grenada Sports Well Being Foundation

Marcus Trevor McIntosh (center), Founder of the Grenada Sports Well Being Foundation with Prince Harry and Grenada Football Federation players.

The North American Carribean Training Method (NACTM) is in the process of agreeing to a partnership with the Grenada Sports Well Being Foundation (GSWF) to offer programming in a variety of capacities to include technical training and US based coaches traveling to Carriacou for their December and January camps in 2020-2021.

GSWF based on the tiny island of Carriacou is located to the northeast of Grenada and was founded in 2018 by Marcus Trevor McIntosh, former Technical Director of the Grenada Football Federation.

The NACTM were extremely happy about learning about the great work that Marcus and his team have been doing on the island. NACTM Executive Director Justin Reid mentioned, ” Before connecting with Marcus, I had no idea where the island of Carriacou was located. But when I spoke with him, I was intrigued by his passion and love for football as well as helping the youth. When we decide who we want to work with, we always choose people who share the same passion and values as we do. So GSWF were an easy choice.”

GSWF offers sports for children and young adults from Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martnique from all different backgrounds to have physical, educational and mental development by creating pathways through sports and well being. GSWF prides itself on none of the children having to pay to attend their camps on the island as parents do not have disposal income to afford the camps.

Reid said, “I am tired of finances being the road block for youth sports organizations in the Caribbean and Africa because the local businesses do not see the value that it brings to the youth in their communities. So in addtion to offering programming, we will also help GSWF raise funds. I grew up playing soccer, basketball, and baseball in the United States, so I want the youth of Carriacou to experience how sport can impact their lives whether they decide that sport will be their profession or if they choose another profession outside of sport.”

NACTM staff coaches are planning on visiting the island in July to assess the GSWF program and develop a long term plan for its success.