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NACTM teams up with SWATS 404 and TAOSA for Atlanta Camp

The NACTM Soccer Academy has partnered with both SWATS Team 404 and The Art of Soccer Academy (TAOSA) FC in Atlanta for its upcoming summer soccer camp in Marietta, Georgia from July 19-23, 2021.

The details of the partnership will consist of the three programs participating in promotion and collaboration in hosting the camp in Marietta. In return, the NACTM will provide players at the camp who are unaffiliated with clubs an opportunity to tryout with club TAOSA FC. For those who are affiliated with clubs, they will be encouraged to join Southside Pick-up in a free play environment on Sundays in College Park where the players get together and enjoy playing the beautiful game with youth from the entire metro area.

NACTM Director Justin Reid states, “I had the privilege to meet Coach Wayne and Coach David [the founders of the two respective programs] when I visited Atlanta in January. I enjoyed visiting the facility where their teams train and host pick-up soccer. Upon speaking with them I came to find that all three of us shared the same love and passion for the game as well as the development of the youth. When you incorporate all of our programs into the mix we are reaching three different touchpoints that made it obvious to connect. Our focus is on developing a strong player development centered one week camp that the kids in Marietta and the surrounding metro area can learn a great deal from and enjoy. Our coaches are from out of the area and it’s always great for players to hear a different coaching perspective and to see different exercises. Coach Wayne and Coach David are focused on providing an environment where players can enjoy the game without being overcoached. In addition, they are building a club in South west Atlanta, also known as the SWATS. It made perfect sense for us to unite and see how we could serve the surrounding communities through collaboration.”

About SWATS Team 404

SWATS Team 404 is a  non-club affiliated team of friends that play together in local tournaments. With the understanding of the location and soccer demographics in the metro area, many of the youth play separately. SWATS Team 404 was created to foster and promote community and consistent opportunities for the youth to play together with those they have genuine connections with.

SWATS TEAM FOUNDER Wayne Gaskin states, “Part of the fun of playing the game is the ability to play with your friends. I formed the team to keep the boys connected and consistently playing with kids that look like them both old and new friends. It’s about community support and fun. We will continue to represent Southwest Atlanta (SWATS) while we play the Beautiful Game.” To learn more about SWATS TEAM visit their page on Instagram @S.W.A.T.S. Team.404.

About The Art Of Soccer Academy

The Art of Soccer Academy (TAOSA FC) is a youth soccer and mentoring program that provides a grassroots soccer training experience for all skill levels of players who are overlooked in the current landscape of soccer in metro Atlanta. TAOSA FC ultimately hopes to inspire children and families to use soccer as a viable sports pathway.

To learn more about TAOSA FC visit their page on Facebook

About Southside Pick Up

Southside pickup was started by Coach Wayne with the support of Coach David to provide a place for the youth in the SWATS to play freely and safely with minimal coaching. Southside pick up grew exponentially in a short amount of time and attracts youth players from the metro Atlanta area. Pickup games are held on Sundays at Badgett Stadium in College Park, GA from 1 pm – 3 pm. To learn more about Southside pickup visit their page on Instagram @southsidepickup404.