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C. James (Parent), U-10 and U-13 Boys

C. James (Parent), U-10 and U-13 Boys

I want to write and thank you for putting together such a wonderful camp for the soccer players in the Silver Spring area. My boys Charles, 12 and Larry 10, have been to several different soccer camps, but the NACTM is the one that they enjoyed and learned the most.

Charlie loved the fact that this camp taught him alot of technical skill developmental and he really enjoyed learning alot from the coaches. They were extremely knowledgeable. Larry enjoyed meeting new friends, and this was important for him since he has been in virtual learning since COVID-19 began in March. They both are looking forward to 2021.

We are all thankful to the organization and the coaches of the camp. They really showed us how drastically different the camp is to other camps in the area. When we sign up for a soccer camp, I want to know that my sons are learning and lot, with a bit of fun involved, and this is what the North America Caribbean Training Method has done.